Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ten Reasons to Ride a Fat Bike

Fat bikes are the newest trend sweeping not just the nation, but the world. Fat bike has been around for about a decade, but newer, slicker models are enticing riders of all ages to give fat bikes a try. These larger, heavier bikes are designed to ride on rough terrain where there may not be a bike path or road previously established. Read on to learn ten reasons to ride a fat bike.

  • 1. Ride More Trails

With a fat bike, you can ride over terrain that would be dangerous for normal bikes or even mountain bikes—rocks, sand, mud, roots, even snow and ice. This is because the tires measure an impressive 4 inches across or more, with a hefty volume that can handle rough weather conditions and high altitudes. A fat bike, even with heavy wheels, runs on low air pressure, so it’s still easy to steer and maneuver, especially if it’s an electric fat bike that offers you the benefit of a motor to allow easier pedaling. 

  • 2. Ride In Any Weather

With a fat bike, you are not limited by the seasons or “nice weather” if you want to ride your bike. You can ride in the wind and snow, or in the sunshine. You can ride anytime the mood strikes you.

  • 3. Ride Exciting Races

Fat bikes are built for adventure, so you can race along the natural terrain of mountains, beaches, sand dunes and forests that surround you and be completely safe. A lot of states with long, snowy winters have fat bike races on their snowy bike trails. Some races can last for days. Just imagine days of you, your bike, and the great outdoors, gliding along like a cheetah—unstoppable. 

  • 4. Ride For a Great Workout

Riding a normal bike is a good workout, but riding a fat bike is an even better workout because the nature of the terrain requires more muscle to get through it. Unless you have an electric fat bike, the bike will not do all the work for you—you need to help push your way through, but the adrenaline rush you will get will be worth it.

  • 5. Ride For the Views

Because you can ride uphill more easily on a fat bike and fat bikes don’t ride as fast as mountain bikes on terrain like dirt, you have time to enjoy breathtaking views at high altitudes. Seeing the glory of nature surround you in a quiet moment makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, making that hard bike ride even more satisfying.

  • 6. Ride a Rental

A fat bike can cost $1,300.00 or more, but there is no need to make such a huge investment when you can rent a fat bike for an hour, half a day, or a full day at several locations around the U.S. Experience the excitement of a fat bike ride without having to save up money for months, and then decide if you need a fat bike in your life to ride all the time.

  • 7. Ride Electric

Get an electric fat bike and you will race along at lightning speed. Some electric bike batteries allow as much as 20 miles of ride time before you need to recharge them for six to eight hours. Customize your speed setting with the press of a button, based on whichever type of terrain you will be riding and how much power you will need.  

  • 8. Ride to Support Un-groomed Bike Paths

One of the best things about riding a fat bike is that not only is it designed for riding on natural terrain “un-groomed” for regular bikes, doing so supports the option of keeping the terrain natural rather than paving over it for traditional bike use. Riding a fat bike on natural terrain also doesn’t damage the terrain when riders ride correctly, supporting a reduced carbon footprint while still allowing for enjoyment of nature.

  • 9. Ride as an Alternative to Other Sports

Some people can’t participate in their favorite winter sports like skiing because of knee injuries and such, but they can still enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise with a fat bike, because fat bikes are designed to provide a safe, comfortable experience. More pedaling is required, but there is less resistance than on normal bikes. 

  • 10. Ride to Meet New Friends

A lot of cities have group fat bike races or rides that build a satisfying sense of community and camaraderie among participants. They may come from completely different backgrounds, but they have one important thing in common: they love riding fat bikes. For many, fat bike riding is a way of life, and there is nothing more powerful than a connection among friends over something they love.


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